WLHG Speakers for 2019

Members of WLHG offer a range interesting and varied lectures and presentations, primarily about Windsor, but talks on other subjects are also available.

It is our intent to bring the colourful history of our town and its Inhabitants to a much wider audience. We want to spread the word;  the history of Windsor is just too good to keep all to ourselves!

Our Speakers are all well-versed in their chosen subjects, and provide entertaining and informative talks, with visual accompaniment using overhead projector or PowerPoint presentations. Many of our members are published authors, and along with a number of specialist books, for more than 30 years the group has written and published


This is the group’s annual journal.  Subject to the host’s permission, copies of our various publications are always available to view and purchase after each presentation, and can also be purchased direct. from WLHG.

Our Speakers and their Subjects


Brigitte Mitchell

The Development of a Garrison Town – Windsor from 1066 to the 19th Century

Den of Infamy – George Street, a vanished part of Windsor, and the old gaol

Schooling for the Poorest  – educating children in 19th century Windsor

Dollymops and Magdalens – the problems with prostitution in 19th century Windsor

Rogues and Vagabonds – prisons and punishment in 19th century Windsor

Healthcare and Hospitals  – in Windsor during the 19th century

Two Knights – Charles Knight, father and son, and the first Windsor newspaper

Road to Waterloo

Royal Weddings at Windsor Castle 

Windsor during WW1

Windsor during WW2

Windsor Guildhall and Museum

A Soldier in the Kaiser’s Army

Women who followed the Drum – wives, women and camp followers during the early 19th century

Sue Ashley

Doris Mellor and the Battle for Bachelors Acre

Peascod Street Shops – over the last 150 years (especially food shops)

Oxford Road Businesses

The Ward Royal Area Before Ward Royal

Carol Dixon-Smith

Windsor Pubs

Windsor : Then and Now

Peterborough Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury : Then and Now

Leslie Grout

Windsor Castle

St George’s Chapel

Victorian Windsor

Burial Grounds of London

How Pagan is Christmas?

The Duties of a Ward Beadle

ABC of Churches

Burial Grounds of Paris

Experiences as a ‘Mastermind’

Elias Kupfermann

Vanished Windsor

The archaeology and history of Taplow Court

20th century Windsor and its buildings

Exploration of a Victorian Landscape – Herschel Park, Slough, and its restoration

Discovering Victorian and Edwardian Windsor through old photographs

The life and times of James Bedborough – rebuilder of Windsor Castle

We charge a standard fee of £50 per presentation, plus a small (mutually agreed) fuel surcharge if your location is more than 10 miles by road from Windsor Castle. Presentations are of 40-60 minutes duration, usually illustrated, and normally include a Question and Answer session at the end. A selection of books will be offered for sale by the speaker.

If you need the presentation, with all its elements, to have a specific maximum time limit, then we should be able to adjust to suit.

To enquire about our presentations, or to make a booking, please email us at: